Bodybuilding is a modern norm and probably the way to go for a vast population of men. Regardless of where you might live or what you do the idea of having good muscles and an attractive body never gets old. Whether you’re a teenager or a grown up, we can all find a bit of space for ourselves at the gym.

Since the idea is so popular and everyone wants a muscular body, it can sometimes be a bit of worry when you see your friends gaining muscle more rapidly than you. To be frank, it has got to do a lot with the diet and body composition but these variables can be easily and safely bypassed in the modern age.

Wait! Steroids?

Now we know what you’re thinking. Steroids are the only way to gain quick muscle and they are known to be harmful. Well, you’re partly correct and partly not. Not all steroids are harmful. Although they have some side effects but if intelligently used, they can play an instrumental role in developing your body at a quick pace.

AnadrolAnadrole UK

In this article, we will be talking about one such steroid which can make your workout routines more efficient and fruitful. It’s a bulking steroid which is popular among bodybuilders due to its safety and reliability. We will see how to use this product, what it’s made of and other details to give you a fair idea of the product.

Anadrol Oxymetholone

This product is quite popular among athletes. Common users refer to it as A-bombs or A50. Although Anadrol is a popular bulking steroid but it wasn’t intended to be used this way initially. Anadrol was introduced to treat weight loss patients. It was made to promote weight gain and increase appetite. The three major purposes that it serves are:

  • Treat Anemia Patients
  • Increase Patient Appetite
  • Increase Red Blood Cell count in the body

Before We Proceed

Although Anadrol is a good product for quick muscle gain but we would first like to warn you before proceeding. This product contains Oxymetholone which according to some medical experts can be a dangerous compound if used without monitoring. Therefore, it is advised that you only use this product upon the recommendation of your physician or doctor. Controlled usage is more likely to give you the best results and minimal damage to your body.

Anadrol Cycle

It is quite important to understand Anadrol cycles because it works differently from other steroids in the market. Conventional steroids normally work linearly i.e. the more you take them the better the results. However, Anadrol has been found to work in an interesting manner.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with 25mg tablets to face the least number of side effects. Experts suggest that 50 mg cycles of Anadrol are sufficient enough to get good a good muscle gain. However, if you want more muscle, you can pump up to 100 mg tablets as well. If you try and jump to the next tier i.e. 150 mg, the muscle gain is not that larger but it does increase the side effects of the steroid. Therefore, experts suggest that it is best to use 100mg Anadrol for quicker results; even better to use 50mg tablets for steady muscle growth and minimal side effects.

Some Scientific Facts About Anadrol

Before we proceed to the effects and side effects of this product, here is a quick look at some important specs of this steroid. When using any steroid, you should definitely look at the composition to make out whether it suits the composition of your body. Here are a few things you should know:

  • Anadrol’s Active Life is 16 hours max.
  • The Androgenic: Anabolic Ration of this steroid is 45:320
  • Detection Time is up to 8 weeks.
  • It was originally manufactured by Syntex who started its production in 1960.

How Anadrol Affects your Body?

Users of this product suggest that Anadrol usage results are quite quick. Within a short time, you can gain up to 30 pounds of weight. Although there will be a decent amount of water content that will contribute to your total weight since Anadrol retains water in the body but the overall results are quite satisfactory.

Oxymetholone results

Which Product to Go With Anadrol?

As we just saw that Anadrol has water retention properties, there should be balanced use of Anti- Estrogens to control the level of water retention in your body.  Along with that, you will have to make sure that your diet is up to the mark and this combination will help you get a perfect body pretty soon.

The Best Time to Use Anadrol

According to experts, Anadrol works well in combination with other steroids. Most of the physicians strictly prohibit the usage of this steroid alone. Trenbolone, testosterone, and Nandrolone are known to be the best products to go with Anadrol.

As far as the timing for usage is concerned, Athletes have been found to make the best use of this product during offseason or right at the start of a new weight gain season.

Anadrol Side Effects

As we leave, we think it’s important to give you a brief on possible side effects of this product. It will help you in making wiser decisions when it comes to usage of steroids. Anadrol side effects are normally not a point of debate because everyone expects to face the consequences of a steroid. However, if you have been prescribed this steroid, it is due to the best judgment of your physician. Here are some of the side effects that you should expect after using this product:

  • Chances of Diarrhea
  • Excitation
  • Sleeping Trouble

Severe side effects that are very rare include:

  • Breathing problem
  • Worsening Acne
  • Variation in level of interest in sex
  • Swelling of feet or ankles
  • Abrupt mood swings

Even though Anadrol is one of the safest steroids in the UK, but If you face any of these severe side effects or even if the minor ones persist, you should immediately consult your doctor to avoid any serious situation.