The Importance of Water to Diet When Building Muscle Mass!

We’ve all grown up listening to phrases like ‘water is life’, ‘drink at least 8 glasses of water a day’, ‘water helps cleanse the systems’ etc. yet we forget. Amidst the chaos and of our daily lives, water is often the last thing we think about.

When in fact, water isn’t just helpful for keeping a healthy lifestyle, its basic survival! Just as we need air, we need water to live!

Look at it this way, water helps in:

  1. The digestion of food
  2. Elimination of waste

So, when you eat, you need your water alongside to aid in the process of digestion. It effectively breaks down the food, so all the essential nutrients reach all parts and organs of your body. Then, it helps excrete out the toxic and unwanted elements from the body. Making the body cleaner, metabolism smoother and also curbs the appetite and keeps you from consuming more junk.

The best part, water has zero calories! That’s one reason you’ll find it to be a key component in all major types of diet plans. But did you know, the benefits of staying hydrated all day go far beyond just trying to lose weight or staying healthy? You see, water also help build the muscle mass and gets you in shape, fast!

Just imagine, about 70 to 75% of our muscles are composed of water only!

Stay Hydrated!

Fun fact: Did you know, the human brain is made of 95% water? Let’s not even get to the other organs, but on the whole, the human body is composed of 60% water. So whether it’s for growth, for burning off the excess fat or for the general health, you NEED water!

All your organs NEED water. In case the body doesn’t get enough of it, the brain shrinks and that decreases your ability to concentrate, think and even carry out the routine life tasks! If you are thinking about spending hours at the gym or working out in general, you definitely need to stay hydrated more than ever.

It will not only help build your endurance levels but also keep you focused and energetic. For keeping a healthy workout routine, lethargy and lack of stamina are the last things you need to come in your way. Let’s further grasp the concept by considering what happens if we don’t stay hydrated enough:

Dehydration and Muscle Mass

  • Since you may be taking diet supplements in order to gain muscle fast, you need water to help in the breakdown and release of energy. Dehydration will slow down the performance on the whole and in turn, fatigue hits in much faster.
  • Bodybuilders and athletes need to have a higher water intake than a normal individual. Since they often take supplements or steroids and work out, they need more water to cater for their loss of water as sweat.
  • Some of the supplements require an increased water intake in order to effectively influence the gains and build muscle mass.

How Water Helps in Building the Muscle Mass

Bodybuilder Ripped FigureThe function of water actually is to transport all the key nutrients to all parts and organs of the body. When that’s done the remaining unwanted waste is filtered out, again with the help of water.

This primary function as an electrolyte is the key to all the function the body performs. You can move your muscles and hence the limbs due to this electrolyte balance. In case of dehydration people often experience cramps. Hence, the body feels tired and doesn’t function as it should.

If dehydration lasts, it can also have long-term effects, especially on the muscles. The muscles get leaner and cannot flex properly. It also leads to further breakdown and that inhibits the muscle growth.

Water consumption helps reduce the breakdown of proteins so you can retain the muscle mass and also synthesize new muscle cells.

How Much Do You Need?

Coming down to the age-old question, how much water is enough? Unlike the general 8 glass a day rule, the quantity varies depending on a number of factors like:

  • Climate
  • Workout routine
  • General diet
  • Supplements and Medications
  • Caffeine intake, etc.

However, to simplify things, if you want to build the muscle mass, it’s wise to double the quantity as your needs differ from an average adult.

Final Word

Water keeps you cool. Especially during the intense workout sessions, it helps reduce the heat and breakdown of protein.

Plus, it also gives you healthier joints. As when you work out you often put additional strain on the muscles and joints. In order to protect them – especially the ligaments between the joints – you need to keep yourself hydrated.

Don’t wait for dehydration to strike in. Get into the habit today! Pick up your glass and let it work its magic. You will be astounded by how much gains water can help you achieve!

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