Nitric Oxide: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Nitric-OxideNitric oxide is often confused with things it is actually not like the gas we are given at the dentist’s that makes us laugh or something that is added to formula car’s fuel. It is actually a gas molecule found in our own bodies. It helps trillions of cells in our bodies to communicate throughout and effectively helps us function.

What is most interesting is that there have been thousands of studies on this substance. In fact, the scientist who discovered the role of this substance in human bodies even won a Nobel Prize for Medicine. It is a key chemical in our body as it performs many functions.

Nitric oxide helps the body in following ways:

  1. It transmits information between nerve cells in the brain
  2. It regulates the blood pressure in the arteries by dilating them
  3. It can help fight bacteria and boost immune system
  4. It can increase muscle strength
  5. It can also help improve sleep

Nitric Oxide for Bodybuilders

One of the primary benefits of this substance is that it provides strength and helps build body muscles. This is because nitric oxide causes what is called vasodilation, the increase in diameter of the arteries, which basically makes them more relaxed. As a result, the blood flow is improved and more oxygen and nutrients go to the muscles.

Bodybuilders have discovered the many benefits it can offer to build strength and muscles. Now you can find Nitric Oxide supplements to help improve the level of this substance in your body. These supplements contain L-Arginine and L-Citrulline which are amino acids that effectively produce nitric oxide.

How Does it Work?

The supplements are becoming increasingly popular among bodybuilders as they are very effective at increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles. Nitric oxide is naturally produced when we exercise but with certain nitric oxide boosting ingredients like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline, this production can be increased. This, in turn, increases oxygen in the blood which is ultimately delivered to muscles.

Increased oxygen supply to muscles is not the only benefit to bodybuilders of nitric oxide. It also helps in removing lactic build up due to exercise.Arginine levels get depleted during exercise and resultantly the arginine and nitric oxide loop can get less effective. This is why the lactic levels rise up and nitric levels go down. Supplements can help keep these levels as they should be and allow you to get the best results.Bodybuilder Ripped Figure

Many people may experience already low levels of nitric oxide in their bodies. This could be due to old age, less exercise, smoking or diet that contains lots of fats or high cholesterol. In such cases, supplements can be quite beneficial and provide enough oxygen to help build up muscle mass in your body.

The good thing is the nitric oxide supplements are considered safe and have been proven so in clinical trials. However, this is the case with the ones that are of superior quality. Same cannot be said about supplements that do not meet similar quality standards. They will not show the effects that you would get from high-quality supplements.

You will see that these nutrients are often branded as natural which is true in one sense that nitric oxide itself work naturally at providing oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and thereby increasing protein synthesis rate.

It is also important to note here that you cannot expect such supplements to dramatically affect your muscles and make you bulky in a matter of days. Even with the quality supplements, the process can take time but it has been known to work. Also, there have been no life-threatening side effects of this kind of supplement.

If you have any heart conditions or have abnormal blood pressure, you should consult your physician before taking these supplements. Since these produce nitric oxide which helps boost up oxygen and the blood flow, it could cause your blood pressure to go up.


The bottom line is that nitric oxide is really good for your body especially if you are trying to build up muscles and do strength training. While there are natural ways to increase its levels like exercising itself or your diet containing food rich in amino acids, supplements can provide the necessary kick.

These supplements are considered safe and natural if bought from the well-known brands and work well to not just increase nitric oxide levels but also keep lactic levels at bay. This is why bodybuilders around the world have been using these and have seen results that are quite remarkable.

In the nutshell, if you are a bodybuilder and wants to speed up your muscle growth, supplements that increased the level of Nitric Oxide in our body can help a lot, but only if the product is of good quality.

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