Jeff Seid – How Workouts, Fitness Routine and Steroids Changed My Life

Whenever we hear the word ‘steroids’, several questions pop up in our mind. Are they good? Are they bad? I might lose health! Does it cause cancer? and so on. Well, it’s understandable because steroids’ reputation has been somewhat questionable over the years.jeff seid

However, if used properly, steroids can have some really great effects on your body and your life too and we will share with you an inspirational story to prove our point. So if you find yourself confused about using these products, we suggest you stick around with us for the next few minutes.

A Rising Fitness Model

Jeff Seid is a professional fitness model from Washington. The 18-year-old, 6 feet tall has become a popular entity in United States’ fitness industry. We will bring to you his story how he turned from a normal teenager into a famous celebrity. He particularly discusses the impact steroids have had on his life which is more than an inspiration for upcoming bodybuilders.

How it All Started

Jeff started bodybuilding at a tender age of 12. The love for physical fitness was evident from the fact that he insisted his parents to gift him exercise stuff. His parents obliged and he was gifted with cool exercise equipment like a bench press, barbell of 30 pounds, 50-pound weights and a pair of dumbbells.

On the lighter note, it wasn’t just the love for fitness that made Jeff start with body building. He actually wanted to impress the girls at his school which is quite understandable considering he was just 12. However, as he got a taste of it, his love for workout began to increase.

What Motivates Jeff Seid?

Since exercise demands you to follow a tough routine, it is quite challenging and requires sheer dedication to the cause. Jeff is a live example of such dedication. He believes that the urge to achieve higher in life is what keeps him going every day. He believes that there’s no point regretting in what has already happened. Only a person himself can help themselves to a better life.

It is one reason that he started so early with workouts. Normally people start in the late teenage or in the 20s but Jeff broke all barriers to follow his dream.

It Wasn’t Always About Fitness

Jeff has always been a sports lover. He was interested in football and wrestling before taking up fitness industry professionally. Actually, he was after sports scholarships for his high school but nature had other plans for him. He tore his ACL during his first senior year football game after which he had to go through a knee surgery.

It was kind of a dead end because he couldn’t continue with sports. However, he decided to fight the situation and entered the fitness industry. He tore his ACL again three months later after which he had another knee surgery. However, it didn’t stop him from continuing with his fitness routine.

Preparing for National Events

Jeff has always been an active participant in bodybuilding events. Just as he got done with his 2nd knee surgery, he started preparing for a few fitness events lined up. He says he firmly believes in ‘What will not kill you will only make you stronger’

The Fitness Routine and Diet

Like any professional bodybuilder, Jeff has a tough and strict diet plan and fitness routine. He has scheduled different workout routines for different body parts. Each day, he focuses on certain muscles and accordingly his workout routine works.

Similarly, when it comes to diet, Jeff has to take a lot of protein on regular basis every day. Chicken, protein shakes, eggs, milk, yogurt, and fruits are his daily food and he follows a strict time table too.

Supplementation Jeff Seid UsesJeff seid steroids

For a special workout routine, the supplementation requirements must be special too. In Jeff’s case, he uses a combination of supplements that help him workout in a much more efficient manner. Below is the list of supplementation that assists Jeff during his workout:

  • Fish Oil
  • 100% Gold Whey Protein
  • Con-Cret
  • Opti-Men Multi Vitamin
  • Glutamine
  • Xtend BCAA’s

What’s in the Jeff’s Story for Young Body Builders?

By no means can you call Jeff a senior bodybuilder because he is just 18 years of age and has a long way to go. However, his story is too inspirational as he has achieved so much in such a short time. Upcoming body builders can definitely learn a lot from Jeff’s story. The way he fought through fought times, in pursuit of his goal is something that we all can learn from.

One Important Hidden Message

While Jeff might not have mentioned it by himself but there’s one really important message that might go missing. Bodybuilders are likely to use steroids and Jeff was no exception. Him being a teenager, made sure that he used the steroid products in the most efficient manner as possible. It’s a good example that if you follow the recommendations about steroid use, you won’t be experiencing some dangerous and life-threatening side effects.

Use of Steroid

There is no doubt that steroids can cause side effects and some of them quite severe but if used intelligently, they can help  you develop your body just the way Jeff Seid has been able to in the short time span of just 6 years.

Steroid use brought about positive changes in Jeff’s life which is why he asks his followers and fans to use them intelligently too. Enabling you to workout with better efficiency, letting you develop a better body image and helping you gain more stamina, steroids are the modern way to go about body building.

As we Leave

As we leave, we would like to share some really inspirational words from Jeff about achieving your goals. According to him, if you have found what makes you happy, there shouldn’t be any other way you should lead your life from there on. Inevitably, consistency is what makes a man better and Jeff is quite a clear example of it.

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