Can Steroids Help Recover From Sports Injury?

Sports injuries are a norm for athletes. While small injuries do not do that much harm, there is always a possibility of getting serious injuries on the field or during training sessions. This can even happen during the off-season. But, you might have noticed that sports people who even encounter grave injuries snap out of them at a much faster rate than the normal people.

And what is even more amazing is that once recovered, these people come back with much more power and resilience. How does it happen? Well, for starters, the majority of these athletes use various types of training methods, therapies, and equipment to achieve that. But, the most common thing that helps them with recovery is the extensive use of anabolic steroids.

Yes, that is right, anabolic steroids, which are widely known for both their benefits and health risks. This might have come off as a shock to you if you are not in favor of using steroids. And a lot of you will be in disbelief as well, but you need to understand that use of steroids for healing injuries is a safe method and isn’t that vicious as you might be thinking.

Proven By Research

First of all, you need to be aware of the fact that the use of steroids for recovery purposes isn’t an alien notion and it has been proven by research. Years have been spent by the researchers making use of numerous strategies and methodologies for figuring out if steroids are a safe option to be used for recovery or not.

The discoveries from those studies have revealed that, in addition to augmenting and encouraging muscle development, steroids also genuinely helps with the healing of your tendons, ligaments and various other body elements.

However, the rate at which everybody heals varies from person to person. And it also hugely hinges on the severity of the injury. Even the toughest and most experienced athletes can take up to 8 weeks for recovering from some serious injuries. And in such cases, the return of the athlete also gets pretty hard and needs a lot of dedication and diligence.

Myths About Steroids Use

If you are one of those people who believe that the use of steroids for healing the injuries is somewhat absurd and you don’t really appreciate it, you need to understand that retrieval from any serious injury involves a certified medical practitioner as well. And so, a proper course of action is devised by the doctor while keeping in view all the potential benefits and risks.

Another myth that we’d like to bust is that athletes are not the only ones using steroids for recovering. A lot of medical cases require the use of steroids for quicker healing. You may not know but at some point, your doctor might have prescribed you steroids for some condition of yours.

However, not every injury can be healed by steroids. Only a doctor can tell whether the use of steroids can aid with the restoration of muscular tissues in your system or not. And contrary to common belief, this is quite a regular medical practice and is not considered to be vile or unprofessional in any way.

One more thing to keep in mind is that the use of steroids for this purpose is not in any way similar to using them as performance enhancement drugs, especially for those people who have no history of using steroids. Their only purpose in this regard is to improve and quicken the healing process. That’s the reason; they are highly regarded in sports medicine because they enable the athletes to return to their original performance levels.

Anabolic steroids

Types of Steroids and Their Healing Properties

Anabolic steroids speed up the reproduction of RBCs in your system. This results in bigger amounts of blood being pumped up to your muscles, ultimately producing a healing effect on your tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues.

There is another category of steroids that contain anti-inflammatory properties as well. However, it is different than corticosteroids that are well known for their ability to minimize the swelling in your muscles and joints. But, their major downside is that they eat away your muscle mass, so they are a no-go for athletes.

So, are there any steroids that can help with both healing and preservation of muscle growth? Yes, there are. Generally, the steroids that are capable of retaining more water have better healing effects on your joints. Two major types of those anabolic steroids are Deca-Durabolin and Equipoise. Both of them greatly help in restoring your joints while cutting out excess fats and maintaining your muscle mass.

All in all, in the end, it comes to your own choice. If you are using a steroid from a known brand, you can have better results but use of a banned steroid can even worsen your condition.

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