Sustanon Bulking Cycle – How to Get Best Results

The use of steroid is almost inevitable if you want to get a powerful, muscular body in short time. The days when steroids were considered forbidden have long gone. Modern techniques have Testo-Maxensured that users can enjoy safer supplements and easier access to more strength.

One of the downsides of using steroids is that they suppress natural testosterone production in the body. This is quite dangerous because it can upset the internal hormonal balance which can cause complications such as sexual dysfunction and other related problems.

To overcome this possible deficiency of testosterone, some really efficient T-boosters have been developed over the years. However, there has been a debate about their effectiveness and side effects. In this regard, Sustanon has been one great product which is now available as Testo-Max at Crazy Bulk. In this article, we will take a look at how you should use this supplement during a bulking cycle.

Why Sustanon Stands Out?

When we talk about T-boosters, these supplements may be long estered or short estered depending on the time span of their effectiveness. Long Estered T-boosters take considerably longer to build up and function in your bloodstream. However, these testosterone boosters are considered important for building muscle tissues.

Especially for bulking cycles, Long estered testosterone is comparatively more important. On the other hand, short estered T-boosters are mainly for instant power and strength provision during a workout. For a bulking cycle, they are useful because bodybuilders can then lift more weight and gain more muscles.

Sustanon has the characteristics of both, short and long estered testosterone. This is why it’s more versatile and effective as compared to other T-boosters.

How to Use Sustanon During a Bulking Cycle?

Sustanon has to be used in a stack with other bulking steroids. However, the quantity of the supplement will depend upon the cycle length as well as your preferred dosage. Experts suggest that 250 mg Sustanon is sufficient for the entire week and bodybuilders to have enough strength and stamina to go the distance. However, it also depends on how long you have been using steroids for.

If you’re new to steroids, it is better to start with a lower dosage. The results may not appear straight away but it will help avoid side effects which we will now take a look at:

Side Effects from Sustanon

Sustanon side effects aren’t too serious in nature. However, it is a good idea to know them and we will also see how you can minimize these side effects. Some of the common Sustanon side effects are:

These side effects mainly occur as your body converts excessive testosterone into Estrogen. This is why experts recommend using Aromatase Inhibitors while using T-boosters to help maintain the hormonal balance in the body.

Getting Best Results from Sustanon

If you want to get the best results from your bulking cycles while using Sustanon, here are some tips that should help you:

Stack with Best Steroids

Your stacking supplements should complement each other well. Therefore, it is important that you choose the bulking stack wisely. If you’re worried about what supplements to go for, bulking stacks are available at Crazy Bulk that offers a variety of steroids. These steroids are ideal when used in tandem. D-Bal, Anvarol, and many other popular steroids are available at Crazy Bulk.

Eat Right

Diet is ever so important no matter if you’re using Sustanon or any other supplement. During bulking cycles, you need to consume as much protein as you can so you have to avoid junk food at all costs. You have to eat more calories and carbs to make sure that you have sufficient energy to work with at the time

Additional Supplements


IN addition to steroids, some other supplements are also quite useful for a health and effective bulking cycle performance. Here is a quick look at these supplements:

Whey Protein

Whey proteins provide extra proteins to your body. These are great if you really want to pump those muscles. Most bodybuilders will have whey proteins as part of their stacks.


Also known as Human Growth Hormone, these supplements may not be necessary but they can surely provide extra strength to the bodybuilders during a workout.

Milk Thistle

While you’re using steroids, there are always chances of liver damage. Steroids are somewhat toxic to the liver which is why there has to be extra protection. Milk Thistle is, therefore, a good agent because it provides extra protection to the liver from the effects of steroids.

Simply put, if you know what steroids to choose, what additional supplements to have, and the workouts, you can achieve real and quick results within short time from your Sustanon Bulking cycle. It all depends on the steroids you are using.

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