The Guide to Using Steroids Safely

Anabolic steroids nowadays are basically used to increase the muscle growth in the body as well as for the treatment of various diseases.

Many of the athletes, body builders, and youngsters make use of these to bulk up and to add to their physical strength. So, all those who are looking for a way to increase the body mass, these steroids are one of the safest and most practical ways.

common myths about steroids

How Do The Steroids Work?

Although the way the anabolic steroids impact the human body, is still being studied, bulking and increase in the muscle mass is a major known effect that results due to their usage.

One school of thought believes that these steroids work by adhering to the AR (Androgen Receptor) and then by helping the body to produce more protein.

This synthesis increases the body muscle in a rather short time period. Such steroids are often classified as Class I steroids. However, often the Class II steroids are much more effective for bulking than these Class I types. Those steroids that do not work in liaison with the AR are known as Class II steroids.

How to Get Started on the Steroid Cycle?


Just like all other types of exercises and medicines, you cannot start off with a high rate. You first need to bring your body to get used to the mass you will put on. So, a simple exercise schedule for lifting weights helps considerably in getting the lactic acid build up in the muscles.

Other exercises you should ideally include in your workout routine are as follows:

  • Bench press in a slant style
  • Treadmill workup
  • Using dumbbells
  • Bicep and triceps curls
  • Cardio workouts
  • Leg press
  • For strengthening the back muscles, the wing exercises work best


You should follow a thorough workout routine, for getting the best results. Although at times, it may get hard to stick to a schedule and diet control, but the payoff at the end is all just worth the effort.

Starting Out With The Steroids

The best way to start for beginners is to start with the testosterone supplements. Testosterone is a natural male hormone, and the steroids are its synthetic form. It helps gain just the right amount of body mass and builds up endurance that you will need for the longer workups.

For instance, Crazybulk has great supplements which have helped many professionals to build upon the physical strength and stamina for their performance enhancement.

The very first cycle should go on for about three months (twelve weeks) and even more, depend on how much time your body needs to recover. You need to remember, that just like exercise, diet, and other medications, these legal steroids do not give you overnight results.

It takes a whole lot of willpower and determination to achieve the desired results.

Diet Plan

Although the steroids help increase the body mass to a great extent, however, a proper diet and nutritious intake help improve the quality of the muscle.

Here are a few tips for your diet which will ultimately increase the steroid’s effectiveness:

  • Increase the number of meals you take in a day
  • Make sure you eat regularly and incorporate more nutrients in your daily routine
  • Take more proteins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients (including supplements). These will help give your body more energy, build up stamina and also maintain the sugar level.

Protein Foods

Safe Use of Steroids

When it comes to risk free steroids, a lot depends on the name of manufacturer. One of the top and best known brands for side effects free steroids is Crazy Bulk.

Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids

Most of the experts and professionals usually recommend ‘Crazy Bulk’ as the prime steroid to start with. This recommendation is based on the following reasons:

  • Crazy bulk products have natural and pure ingredients
  • They are safe and legal
  • They have been found to be more effective and have satisfactory reviews from various body builders, professionals, and experts
  • There are no side effects of using the Crazy Bulk steroids

Types of Stacks of Crazy Bulk Steroids

Depending on the purpose you need these steroids for, there are various combinations or stacks of supplements that will help you achieve the desired results. A few of these stacks and their uses are as follows:

  • Cutting Stack

Cutting steroids is ideal stack for losing excess fats. Beginners too can start with this stack and get on with their cycle. It helps you get rid of fat quite easily.

  • Strength Stack

As per the name, it floods the body with strength and increases the endurance level. It is helpful for working out in the gym for longer hours too.

  • The Ultimate Stack

This stack is designed for people who seek remarkable strength in the gym and for extensive workout sessions.

  • Bulking Stack

This stack is specially made for the beginners and helps ‘bulk up’. It aids the body by increasing the muscle mass.

  • Growth Stack

It helps the lean and skinny people gain some muscle and get in the right shape.

Tips To Ensure Safe Use of The Steroids

  • The person taking the steroids should be at least 21 years of age
  • Choose the steroid stack based on your level of experience. There are different stacks for beginners and others for the experts. Make sure to choose accordingly
  • The diet should go side by side with the steroid
  • Avoid long term use of the steroid, especially in high doses (over 200 mg a week) as it may result in acne and hair loss and some other side effects


Potential Side Effects

Although these steroids are extremely safe, and hence legal for use, however, if used for a long term they may have the following side effects:

  • Hair loss
  • Mood swings
  • Water retention
  • Liver damage


It is the best to gain as much of the basic knowledge as you possibly can before starting out on your cycle. It will not just get you prepared for what lies ahead but also help you gather essential knowledge about the right dealers, the market prices, potential effects, and the right dosage.

The steroids are wonder products if used the right way.

So, are you looking to shed off those unwanted pounds?

Or need a super effective way to bulk up?

Think no further and try these anabolic steroids and get yourself into the most envious shape in no time!



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