Is it Possible to Bulk and Stay Lean With Dianabol?

Bulking up yet staying lean, both seem rather contradictory. However, it is not only possible today, but also the preferred mode of getting in shape by the bodybuilders and other fitness conscious folks.Bodybuilding Anabolic Steroids

The key to making it work is to get fit first. Then you can bulk and focus on cutting to get into the desired body shape.

Recent steroidal formulas and improved tactics have made it far easier to lose those extra pounds. We will discuss a few tips on how not to gain any more mass than your body needs so that you can shed off easily. You just have to follow a balanced diet plan and exercise alongside, on a regular basis to make it work.

Dianabol Steroids

Dianabol is one great compound which gives you the maximum benefits when it comes to staying lean and gaining muscle mass. It makes it so easy to get your body in shape while increasing your strength and stamina to work out alongside.

Dianabol is most preferred by the beginners, as it is easy to intake and is one of the safest ways to bulk while staying lean. You also get to see the results only after a month or two of taking the steroid.

It is one of the safest methods to get your body in the desired shape.

D-Bal - Dianabol


You will find Dianabol steroids for sale at online stores as 10 mg and 25mg tablets. For starters, the lower dosage is recommended and as it has a half-life of about four hours, it is excreted out of the body in just a few hours.

You can take the tablet at one time a day or at two or more intervals to keep your levels stable depending on your preference. But, however way you take it, it works as a great as long as you are doing

the required exercise and having the required protein intake.

How to Start?

To start off, you need to be lean. Since you will be gaining weight, in the beginning, having extra weight only makes it worse later. Shedding off all the pounds you packed before and after bulking really hard and often not even possible.

The basic principle being: Fats lead to accumulation of more fat. However, if you are on the leaner side, the body automatically directs the caloric intake towards the buildup of muscle.

The Dianabol is formulated to increase your strength and further help in gaining the muscle mass. The following are a few guidelines to help you get in shape:

  1. Cut the Carbs: But do not completely eliminate them from your diet. Your body needs carbs. The best way to get the maximum benefit out of the carbs is to take part of them before working out and part afterward.

Limiting the carbs lowers down your insulin levels and helps in burning the body fat. Include more proteins in your diet.

  1. Avoid Junk Food: It is best to completely eliminate junk food from your diet. It, not just effects your hormones but also all the hours spend working out, counting the calories and the steroids’ active function.
  1. Optimal Weight Gain: You must make sure you gain up to 3 pounds per month – more than that, will be the unwanted fat and will not be easy to shed. However, you have to consume more calories than your body can burn off in order to synthesize more muscle mass.
  1. Cardio: In order to gain more lean tissue instead of the unwanted fat, you need to do some cardio alongside. It is recommended not to overdo it but if you need to gain the good muscle mass and not the fat then it is definitely a must.
  1. Diet: Proteins, starch foods, yams, grains, and greens are great choices for getting lean. Proteins can be derived from egg whites, fish, chicken and also cottage cheese. Minimize the use of plastic containers, cut off beer and try to work out as much as possible.

Protein Foods

If you eat responsibly while bulking, it will be a win-win situation. Simply just putting on more pounds is never going to work. Eat more of red meat like fish, eggs, lamb and steak to get big.

How to Plan Your Cycle

A good cycle includes stacking. It is a blend of steroids to derive the maximum benefits from each. Here’s a list of the commonly stacked steroids in a cycle to make it work for the best:

Dianabol – Available as a bulking agent. Helps your body build up the muscle in much less time.

Deca Durabolin – Taken in the form of an injection. Works well with the Cardarine (GW) and the Andarine (S4) to increase the strength of the body and bulk. Cardarine also helps keep the body safe from any harms of bulking as well as cardio.

N2Guard – It removes the toxic elements from the body. It also keeps the organs like the kidneys and liver safe from any harmful effects.

Aromasin – This one helps counter any hormonal effects on the body.

However, bear in mind when you want to stay lean and bulk, people will not see immediate progress. You may feel like giving up often too when you do not observe any instant results. Rest assured, your efforts are working. It just takes longer for the results to show as with this routine you will not be packing pounds of undesired fat.


  • You experience a tremendous increase in strength.
  • It increases your endurance and helps you stay focused.
  • Muscle mass increases quickly.
  • Results are visible in about 1-2 months.
  • Dianabol also increases the retention of nitrogen in the body. This is the basic element which helps in producing the muscles and proteins.


  • The body may have some water retention/bloating after a cycle is complete.
  • It may become toxic to the liver if used for a long time. You can avoid it, however, with the optimum intake of cardarine or fish oil along with the steroid.
  • Side effects include acne, an increase in body hair, etc.

Final Word

Make sure you go through the instructions before starting the steroid. Make a habit of working out and following the right diet plan. Dianabol alternatives is widely available such as D-Bal legal steroid all over Europe, US, UK and other countries.

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