How to Increase Metabolism?

Metabolism is a very broad term. One should know what metabolism means before learning how to increase the metabolic processes in the body.

Metabolism refers to the entire chemical reactions that constantly occur in the human body. These processes allow the organs to function normally and they keep a human alive. Functions such as digestion, cell repair, breathing, pumping of blood require energy which is created by these chemical reactions.

The basal metabolic rate (BMR) is a unit used to account for the minimum energy that your body needs to function regularly.  BMR depends entirely on your lifestyle, age, and health. A low BMR signifies that your metabolism is slow and vice versa.

There are two types of metabolic processes in the body:

  1. Anabolism – the production of substances that are required by the cells.
  2. Catabolism – the destruction or degradation of substances to provide energy to the body cells.

Increase Metabolism

How can a person increase their metabolism?

Now, we can come to the real question. Various food items, habits and substances can alter the rate of your metabolism. However, different people react differently to each method. Most of the time, the people who naturally have a faster metabolism, just have the habit of being more fidgety and active as compared to others. Let’s discuss the numerous ways to kick it up a notch.

Metabolism Boosting Methods

You can follow all, one or none at all.

  • Cardio Workout Sessions

Cardio Workout

The best way to cut down calories is a good old cardio workout. This is an ancient method that works for almost anyone. Thirty to sixty minutes per day of cycling, walking, jogging, swimming or warmup exercises are all you need. You can break this time down into smaller chunks for your comfort. This works best with a balanced diet.

  • Muscle Mania

Protein-filled muscle cells are better at increasing metabolism than lazy fatty cells. No need to transform into a heavyweight champion. All you need to do is strengthen the muscles that you already have, to replace the fat cells with real muscular tissues. Focus on specific areas of your body that are least active. Adopt the habit of doing harder exercises that aim at those body areas. Weight lifting, more rounds of a specific exercise and heavy daily activities like gardening or moving furniture can also do the job.

  • Fan That Flame

Get yourself omega-3s to increase the effect of your hard work. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in most fishes like herring, tuna, and salmon. Gobble up those specific seafood dishes if you want to boost your metabolism. The reason is that omega-3s reduce body inflammation, balance the blood sugar levels and amplify metabolism.

Fishes can be considered as pets rather than food. Do not worry; scientists have developed daily omega-3s supplements that do not resemble fishes in any way. Also, replacements such as walnuts, flaxseed oil, and eggs are filled with this substance.

  • Doctor Dosed Steroids

People need to understand that they should never start any supplements without the approval of a certified doctor. Steroids have two effects on metabolism, which collectively build muscle mass. Anabolic steroids upgrade the power of your cells to retain the protein they need to make more muscle. Hence, anabolism results in energy storage and building of more complex molecules.

This provides you with more swiftness and power. Another type of steroid does the opposite and induces catabolism instead. The inhibitory effect on the hormone glucocorticoid breaks down protein into simpler substances. This helps to shorten the recovery time between active sessions and improve your athletic performance by the body needing less rest.

Boosting metabolism does not mean cutting down calories entirely. Make sure you eat a healthy breakfast instead of slashing those calories. Breakfasts containing oatmeal, almonds, berries, spinach, and whole-grain toasts get your engine going.

Cool off With Cold Water

Cold Water

Scientists can’t deny the fact that cold water does increase metabolism. Replacing sugary drinks with loads of cold water is wonderful for your desired metabolic rate.

  • Green Tea

Green tea’s antioxidant property increases fat oxidation and induces thermoregulation. Drinking at least five cups daily can work wonders.

  • Appreciate Afterburners

Nutrition is a strong tool against metabolism. Going organic upsurges metabolism. Vegetables, fruits, and grain, protein-containing foods, unsweetened caffeine, capsaicin (spicy foods), and white bean extracts are all ways to work up your metabolism. L-carnitine present in dairy products, legumes, nuts, and meat also do the trick. They induce thermogenesis, catabolism, and anabolism. 

If you consider following the mentioned suggestions, your worries will be long gone and your BMR will increase before you even know it.

Simply put, a perfect combo of good diet, workouts, adding more of omega3s sources to your diet, and use of quality steroids can help you increased metabolism. But make sure, you are using side effects free steroids for long-term health benefits.

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