HGH(Human Growth Hormone) Legal Status In The UK & Where To Buy


HGH Legal UK

If you are into bodybuilding and weight training, you probably would have heard about the HGH and the numerous advantages it offers in terms of increasing your power and energy. Not only does it make you super strong, it is also widely known to give a powerful boost to your muscle growth. Moreover, it helps you stay fresher looking and younger for many coming years.

Being a hormone, it is naturally produced in our systems, however, the concentration is not that high. That’s why there are manmade versions of it available on the market that you can opt to buy to get quicker mass gains.

In case you do not know, already a good percentage of bodybuilders and athletes use this product for either slowing down their physical ageing or for gaining quick muscle definition. If you are also thinking along the lines of using it, you must first be well aware of its legal standing in the UK.

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HGH Legal UK Status

As per the United Kingdom law, HGH is currently categorized as class C substance. The other common products that come under the same category in the UK include anabolic steroids and tranquillizers. The most unsafe drugs come in the class A category.

So, you see, it is bad, but not that bad. But, one thing is for sure, regardless of its category, the buying of this product is certainly not permissible and may put you in some problem.

In case you are still curious to know what can possibly happen if you still try to buy this supplement in the United Kingdom? Then we’ll clear that confusion of yours as well. The category this product belongs to contains the least risky drugs, so the government has sternly limited its use.

Normally, the trading of this supplement without a doctor’s recommendation is what is illegal, but its use for private motives is not. This might have sounded a bit mixed up to you, so in simple words, you cannot buy this product openly if you don’t have a written recommendation. But, if you opt for the black market, you can get it easily, unless you get caught carrying a huge volume of it.

Nevertheless, we have also heard about people who got into a thick soup with only slightest amounts of the drug. So, there is definitely no assurance that you can easily get away with the purchasing of this product in the UK.


Regardless of its legal standing, the drug is quite easily available in the United Kingdom. You will see numerous websites that sell the hormone with various brand names. The online purchase is not only quick but it’s also a much easier option. But, we can’t really say if it’s safe enough.

Besides online sources, a lot of people also get the drug through their extended links in the gym. Almost every gym has a couple of such highly masculine men who are more than likely to be a user of this hormone. A few queries here and there about their impressive growth can get you the details of any local supplier.

However, we’d like to mention one thing. Since the majority of these products are made outside the UK, chances are, you can be easily nicked by buying it at an expensive price. Also, more often than usual, you will have to buy it from the black market. So, you have to be meticulous about who you are buying it from and it shouldn’t contain any additional hazardous substances.

There are also a lot of legal steroids manufacturers that claim to offer a legal form of this hormone at a much higher price. Their selling point is that their versions don’t contain any banned elements in them. However, except a few known companies, the effectiveness of such supplements is yet to be known.

Other Buying Options


There are a few countries where the purchase of the hormone is legal and requires no prescription. Many people now opt for this option by travelling to those countries for specifically buying their doses. But, then again, there are numerous risks involved if you follow this approach as well.

Besides getting confiscated at the airport, it may get you into a serious problem with the police. So, we won’t recommend you to do this at all.

The Legal Substitute – HGH-X2

HGH UKThe only means through which you can actually increase the levels of this hormone in your body system without getting into any of the above-mentioned situations is by going for the HGH-X2 supplement that you can buy from Crazy Bulk. The product is 100% natural and legal and has a successful track record of actually delivering what it promises.

The benefits are, you don’t have to worry about the side effects as it is made of all natural ingredients or any legal issues for using it.

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