Most Common Dangers of Steroids and Alcohol

Steroids and Alcohol

Everybody knows that the consumption of steroids or alcohol involves various health risks. Both of them come with nasty side effects. But, what happens if you pair them? Well, you should not be surprised if we tell you that mixing both of them can be deadly and may leave you with serious and irreversible health problems.

The most common hazards of steroids and alcohol consumption include the following.

Possibility of Liver Damage

The majority of prevalent steroids these days are highly hepatotoxic. Which is why you have to limit their intake for avoiding any serious liver issues. And you also need to be careful with the use of other substances that can cause liver toxicity, including alcohol. Both alcohol and steroids put a lot of pressure on your liver to get filtered in your system.

And when you are consuming a mix of both, you can only imagine the amount of strain they put on your liver. This practice can severely damage your liver. Even though many of the liver conditions are curable when they are in their initial stages, some conditions can be really lethal. Therefore, it is always best to avoid this combination.


A lot of steroids, especially those that are used for fat burning purposes, leave their users parched and dehydrated. The continuous use of these drugs keeps depriving your body of all the moisture it needs and this can lead to muscle atrophy over time.

The right amount of water intake is essential for the regeneration of RBCs in your system. This helps in transporting oxygen and other vital nutrients to your muscle cells. Lack of any of these nutrients can badly hamper your muscle development, killing the very purpose of steroids use.

And when it comes to alcohol, it is a known fact that it dries out your body very rapidly. Using both of them together can result in augmenting the dehydration process in your body.

Opposite Effect

Anabolic steroids are generally used by the athletes and bodybuilders for creating an anabolic state in their systems, which encourages the development and preservation of your muscle tissues. And according to a research, alcohol does exactly the opposite by creating a catabolic state in your system, which results in weakening your muscles over the years.

Alcohol is packed with calories and it badly hampers all the muscle building processes going on in your system, which includes protein synthesis. That’s why; using both of them together is going to be of no use towards your muscle growth because alcohol will counteract the effects of steroids.

Digestive Issues

The use of oral anabolic steroids like Dianabol, Anavar, and Winstrol may cause you serious gastric issues. Although you can avoid the occurrence of ulcers and stomach distress by taking your pills with full meals, if you are consuming alcohol along with these steroids, you are certainly going to make things worse.

Alcohol, on its own, is pretty much capable of destroying your stomach and esophageal lining and causing ulcers in your stomach, along with many other digestive issues. And when you consume it with steroids, you multiply your risks of abdominal problems.

Cardiac Problems

Steroids are well known for being harsh on your cardiac system. Not only can they cause BP issues, they can also disturb your lipids, which can result in a stroke. Alcohol is also known for causing same problems with your heart. When both of these are combined, you are at a huge risk of heart attack and stroke.

Regular Mood Swings

In addition to physical health problems, this combo can also cause emotional and mental problems by messing with your hormones. The abuse of alcohol alone is known to cause severe mood swings, especially in those people who are dependent on alcohol for feeling relaxed.

Different people experience different mood swings. Some may feel euphoric, while others may feel completely pensive. And some may get outright outrageous. When using both steroids and alcohol together, these feelings can become much more powerful and may strike you on a more frequent basis.

Overall Feeling of Being Sick

You might have heard of the term “hangover” along with alcohol. It refers to the feeling of sickness people experience the day after the heavy consumption of alcohol. Regular alcohol consumption can result in feeling this way most of the time. The use of anabolic steroids in this situation can aggravate this feeling. And consuming both of them frequently will give you a constant feeling of being unhealthy and ill.

Overall, an excess of steroids and alcohol is unhealthy for you, but if you are using both together and that too in large quantity, this may have very serious effects on your health. It is recommended for bodybuiders who are using steroids to limit their use of alcohol.

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