Enlarged Nipples Could Be a Sign of Gynecomastia from Steroids

Do you suspect that you have enlarged nipples? People tend to self-diagnose themselves regardless of the fact that the condition might not even exist. People need to understand what this is and what it means. Hence, here are some hardcore facts that you need to know before panicking.

Gynecomastia is…..

This medical condition is the enlargement of breast tissue and nipples in men. Gynecomastia is quite embarrassing for men. There are many ways that men can get themselves winded up in such an embarrassment.

Gynecomastia from Steroids

How to Identify Gynecomastia Condition?

The chest of normal men is composed of a flat breast and nipples. Gynecomastia makes the nipples fuller and tenderer. The nipples and the surrounding area become noticeably puffy. The resemblance to the female breast develops. Other symptoms include color changes in the breast area and painful nipples.

Identify Gynecomastia

Some Causes

  • Puberty Causing Problems

Gynecomastia due to this cause heals naturally with time. Eventually, the male breasts disappear.

  • Alterations in Normal Hormone Levels

Estrogen is the hormone that is found in larger quantities in females but that does not mean men do not have it. Men have more testosterone that works on their manly features like facial hair and extra muscles. Some men develop abnormalities which cause their bodies to produce more estrogen. This initiates the development of female features like gynecomastia.

  • Steroids

Yes! Steroids could be the reason for gynecomastia but it is not the sole cause. Many other causes will be discussed here and steroids are a part of that list. A safe steroid, when used in the proper quantity, is not harmful. However, some people buy this drug from the black market to reach the peak of fitness. Gynecomastia, due to steroids, is not dangerous. The fact that a man has breasts is an embarrassment that they have to deal with as a consequence of steroid abuse.

On the other hand, not every steroid results in gynecomastia. The ones that aromatize like Dianabol, Anadrol or Sustanon are some examples of the ones you should stay away from. These aromatizing steroids convert to estrogen through this feature, causing an excessive buildup of the female hormone. Mostly, overambitious athletes or fitness freaks fall prey to this cause because they do not take precautions.

  • Additional Drugs

Many drugs can cause gynecomastia if their use is prolonged. For example, anti-hypertensive drugs, anti-ulcer drugs, HGH, finasteride, anti-androgens, cimetidine, ketoconazole, beta-HCG and many others. Do not worry about the alien language names of the drugs. You can search for these names online to understand their uses. The catch is that these drugs are least likely to cause gynecomastia. The reason is that they are medicinal drugs and are prescribed at safe doses by a doctor.

  • Alcohol and some off-the-counter drugs

Alcohol, heroin, marijuana and many other such substances, that are not prescribed, may cause gynecomastia.

  • Chronic Conditions

Many long-term pathologies of the body can cause hormonal imbalance, eventually leading to gynecomastia. Kidney failure, hypogonadism, pituitary insufficiency, hyperthyroidism and liver cirrhosis are all the major chronic diseases that lead to the development of male breasts.

  • Treacherous Tumors

Tumors are another branch of causes that lead to this condition. For example, testicles tumors, prostate cancer, and pituitary gland tumors.

  • Elder Era

The aging process is a nightmare for many people. In addition to the many undesirable effects it causes, gynecomastia is another one. Old males have a faster declining hormonal level leading to the gradual development of male breasts.

  • Obesity

Obese people retain a lot of fat in different parts of their bodies. The breasts are composed of numerous fat cells. Hence, fat cells accumulate in the breast giving the appearance of real breasts.

How to Deal With This Humiliation?

There are a few curative and preventive options in the case of gynecomastia.

  • Leave those harmful drugs immediately

If steroids are the cause, the treatment is to stop using them. Buy safer, natural and prescribed doses of these drugs. Same goes for the other drugs; either stop their use or find a professional consultant.

  • Non-surgical Safety

Exercise, consumption of low-carbohydrate diets, eating fibrous foods, chest compression shirts, medicines, pills, and creams are all ways to handle this condition safely.

  • Sinful Surgery

People, who have no problem going through a surgery to end the condition once and for all, should opt for mammoplasty. The surgeons do a simple surgery to remove the flesh and fat from your chest and flatten that area permanently. This is a costly procedure and often the least adopted solution.

Even though, steroids are often the main cause of this problem but if you are using quality brands like Crazy Bulk and steroids that are made of all natural ingredients, you can avoid this unwanted side effect.

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