Is BodyBuilding Without Supplements Possible? What You Should Know

BodyBuilding Without Supplements

Supplements do help make those big muscles, but are they the only way to make that happen? Nope! Bodybuilding without the aid of supplements means tough workouts along with protein-rich diet, which in many cases is not possible for you.

Your muscles need amino acids and glucose to grow and for your weightlifting to work. That is, of course, quite hard but not impossible. Supplements rather provide a quicker fix for bodybuilding as opposed to a diet.

Many of us resort to supplements because the diet is simply not cutting it. Often we make mistakes that render our diet useless. If followed religiously, a proper diet can give you the best muscle gain and that too with zero side effects, but to achieve the same results as with supplements, in terms of quick muscle growth, is almost not possible without supplements.

Here is what you got to do:

Stack on Your Protein Intake

Best Protein Sources for Muscle Growth

To gain muscle, you should be consuming at least 0.70 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight. To simply put it, if you weigh 150 pounds you should be consuming 105 grams of protein. Your calorie intake should be 350 to 700 more than your daily needed intake.

All that protein is actually going to turn into the muscles you need and also give you the energy to train. Bodybuilding is about bulking up as well as toning those muscles, for which you need supplements or protein.

Consume chicken, beef, or seafood (fish in particular) every day. For instance, a 6 oz chicken breast contains 54 grams of protein. Meat is not the only source of protein; you should also eat eggs for breakfast and take other protein-rich foods like oatmeal, lentils, and edamame.

Choose Whole Carbs and Say Goodbye to Fatty Foods

Make the obviously beneficial choice of going for whole carbs in your diet. Replace your regular pasta with whole wheat paste. Stay away from processed flour foods as much as you can. Consume other high-carb foods like black beans and pink lentils.

If you want to build muscles fast without splurging on expensive pills and powders, stop having foods rich in fats. This means you will have to drink fewer beers in a week than you already are. Do not drink sugary drinks like soda. Never break out of your diet for those untimely cravings.

Time Your Meals the Right Way

The timing of your meals and foods is very crucial if you want them to have the maximum impact on your body. If you are following a diet plan, follow the timings strictly. If something is supposed to be taken half an hour before the gym, make sure to take it half an hour.

After your weight training, take fast digesting carbs with a bit of protein. Do not miss out on meals and if for any reason you are not able to consume enough protein during the day, make sure to consume a bit more during the night. Even a small mistake in your diet can sabotage all the efforts you have put in your workout.

Workout Hard, but Also Smart

Bulking on Steroids

You will really have to break a sweat at the gym and challenge your muscle groups. But that does not mean overdoing it. This is a slow and steady process that shows results with time. You just have to hang in there and give your best every time you hit the gym.

Train intensely each body part at least once a week and give it proper time to heal. It can take weeks for some muscles to recuperate so you do not want to strain them out completely and overthrow your progress.

Remember that your workout is the primary tool for muscle building. One function of supplements is to provide you with ample energy to lift more. Don’t worry that you will not have enough energy to lift your goal weight. Your protein and carb intake will come in handy too. Consuming foods that boost your energy before lifting will up your game just how you would like it.


Many of us exercise under the impression that without supplements, it is no good. This is mostly because that is all we hear from our friends and read on the internet. While legal and organic supplements can help you gain lean muscle, proper training along with diet can make it happen too.

You are giving your best in the gym and properly following the diet plan,s but still not seeing results? Change your diet plan, add new foods, and see how it works out for you. Do not give up so quickly and resort to supplements. Once your muscles start growing, you will be prouder than ever that you did that without any aids.

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