The Best Protein Sources for Muscle Growth

In today’s world, physical fitness is important to men and women alike, who use different methods to stay healthy and increase their muscle mass. These include working out in the gym, and the use of steroids.

As exercise alone cannot promote muscle growth, and low-quality steroids pose serious health risks when used for long term. You also need a healthy diet, and most importantly, protein that is the basic building block for our muscles, bone, organs, and pretty much everything inside our body.

We have listed the top 8 protein sources that cause an increase in muscle bulk, and they have no side effects at all!

Best Protein Sources for Muscle Growth

  1. Beef

Probably the most consumed source of protein for nonvegetarians is beef. About 100 g of beef equals 26 g of high-quality protein, and this along with the presence of B vitamins, zinc, and iron, ensures the growth of lean muscle.

Beef is also known to have conjugated linoleic acid, a component that helps in getting rid of surplus fat from the body. Hence it is a must add to your diet.

  1. Eggs

Eggs contain high-quality proteins which boost muscle growth and give strength to the body. These proteins work with vitamin D, 9 essential amino acids, and good cholesterol which are also present in the eggs.

They also have omega-3 fatty acids and branch-chained amino acids. 1 egg equals approximately 6g of protein.  Add them to your breakfast, and start each day with increased energy, and see your muscles building up in no time.

  1. Salmon

If you are a fan of seafood, there is good news for you. 100g of salmon gives you 20g of protein;  apart from that, it also contains a few of the B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D, all of which aid in removing excess fat.

Salmon has become cost-effective, and it also keeps a good control over your body ‘s metabolism. Eat it smoked with the skin on, and it may prove to be a real treat for your taste buds!

The best thing about salmon is, it is not only good for muscle mass, but also for skin aging, hair health, and eyes. It is also rated among the foods that are known as a nutrition powerhouse.

  1. Tofu

For anyone who is a vegetarian or does not want to eat meat every day, tofu is a great alternative. It is derived from soybeans and has a high quantity of iron and calcium. It gives 14g of protein per 100g.

Not everybody is used to the taste of tofu, but since it absorbs herbs and spices well, you can knock up a recipe of your own liking and make it a part of your meals.

  1. Greek Yogurt

A milk-based product, greek yogurt is rich in the milk protein casein. It has the luxuriousness and creaminess of ice cream, and gives you twice the amount of proteins than regular yogurt, i.e. 20g per cup! Incorporate it into your meals if you are really looking to speed up muscle growth.

For your fitness plan, it is recommended that you get the unflavored brands, which have less fat and sugar. Yogurt is also a great food source for healthy metabolism and digestive system.

  1. Quinoa

Thinking of finding an alternative to high carb foods such as rice or pasta? Quinoa is the best answer to it. This whole grain is different from others due to the fact that it contains all essential amino acids, making it a complete protein ideal for muscle growth initiation. It gives 8g of protein per 1 cup.

Quinoa causes an increase in insulin-like growth factor-1 levels, which in turn helps form lean muscle. Make this whole protein a part of your meals for amazing results.

  1. Whey Protein Powder

If you are finding it difficult to cram meals with adequate protein quantity, whey protein powder is just the thing for you. This fast-digesting, low-calorie by-product of cheese gives a whopping 70g of protein per 100g!

Mix the powder in water, and you can drink it during breakfast or exercise breaks. One serving is enough to give you an immense power boost for the whole day!

  1. Cottage Cheese

Unlike regular cheese, cottage cheese has the benefit of being low in calories and rich in protein. It gives 14g of protein per half a cup serving. It is rich in the milk protein casein, which facilitates an increase in muscle bulk.

Cottage cheese is the best snack for late-night hunger. It is digested slowly, so that not only your muscles keep getting nutrition all night long, but also stops you from waking up in the middle of the night feeling starved.


For all the fitness freaks out there, know that all the above-mentioned protein sources, when combined with exercise, can prove to be extremely beneficial in achieving your goal of muscle growth and strength.

Also, you can ditch the idea of taking steroids, since now you have a list of healthy, nutritious food items that can do the job for you without the cost of dangerous side effects.

All in all, listed protein sources not only provides you with the basic building block for your muscle mass to get maximum muscle growth in least amount of time, but most of these sources also provides you the nutrition you need to be energetic.

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