Bodybuilding Supplements You Don’t Need in Your Stack

The bodybuilding industry is flooded with supplements and products that all claim to help you get the body of your dreams. But, obviously, like every other industry, only some of the heavily marketed bodybuilding products actually deliver results while others badly fail to live up to their claims.

However, the major issue is, the availability of far too many options makes it hard for you to tell apart the ones that really work from the ones that are nothing but a waste of your precious time and money. You would have seen a lot of information online about the products that you should add to your stack but are you aware of the supplements that shouldn’t be added to your stack?

Read below to find out.



CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is one of the many highly consumed supplements by weightlifters and bodybuilders all across the globe. This supplement comes in the form of a pill and can be easily found both online and in stores. It is basically a fatty acid that your system produces with the help of the food you consume.

A huge number of supplement manufacturers claim that CLA can aid you with both muscle growth and loss of excess fats simultaneously. Some even say that there are research-based proofs that make these claims true. But, the reality is CLA is only helpful for muscle growth if it’s naturally produced in the body.

And as per a lot of studies, use of this supplement for muscle gains is completely useless. One study even says that it can cause fat gain.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Another widely used supplement available in the market is vanadyl sulfate, which is known to be a performance booster and can be found both online and in sports nutrition stores. This supplement is derived from a natural component named vanadium. This product is popular because it is said to increase the firmness and plumpness of your muscles, which makes them look fuller and bigger before competitions.

However, as per the research, the results produced by this supplement are barely noticeable, making it nothing but a waste of your time and energy. Moreover, an additional amount of this mineral in your system can have a negative effect on your kidneys and liver as well.


Glutamine is an easily accessible form of amino acid that is vital for muscle growth and is found in a lot of bodybuilding supplements. As a matter of fact, the amount of glutamine that reaches your muscle cells is directly proportional to their growth.

But, the issue is, the real scenario isn’t that ideal. In reality, once you consume this supplement, it gets piled up in your bowels instead of reaching your muscles. And so, you never get to see those crazy muscle gains that it is supposed to do. Use of this supplement may improve your intestinal health, but it will never aid you with muscle growth.



joint-painAnother derivative of amino acids that is found in muscle growth supplements is L-carnitine. According to studies, this component helps with the metabolism of lipids in numerous animals of different kinds. For the same reason, companies have started selling it as a supplement that is good for both shedding excessive fats and increasing the energy simultaneously.

But, the reality is that it doesn’t produce any of the said effects. And you can easily find this truth in numerous extensive studies carried out on this matter. So, if you think consuming this product is going to burn away your fats, you are living in a fantasy world.


Glucosamine supposedly helps with the healing of joints and alleviates joint pain. It has nothing to do with bodybuilding but people consume it in order to recover from rigorous workouts. But, does it really work? Yes and No! According to studies, this supplement does aid in improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis, but that improvement is very minimal. You can get the same results by consuming a painkiller.



BCAAs are not totally useless and can be really helpful if used for the right purposes. They are usually found in protein sources, with their highest concentrations being found in protein from dairy products. That’s why; consumption of more proteins automatically means consumption of more BCAAs.

However, whether you want to increase strength or boost your endurance, there are always better and cheaper alternatives available in the market with much better results. It’s a waste of your hard earned money to purchase BCAA supplements because you can easily get them from your everyday diet.

A better and safe alternative for these unsafe and sometime useless supplements are steroids that are made of natural ingredients and known for their results like steroids by Crazy Bulk and other renowned steroid brands.

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