Common Myths About Steroids


For most of the people, the word steroid is a taboo. A plethora of controversies clouding the term “Steroid” has been perpetuated by media since the time of its inception. However, not every single thing that flies around the news article is necessarily the universal truth. Similarly, the word “steroids” has also carried a wide range of stigmas and wrong beliefs along with the infamous endings of brilliant careers of many athletes.

If you are harbouring some erroneous ideas for the use of steroids, then we are here to free your minds from holding onto them. We have demystified the major myths that have shrouded the use of steroids with clouds of extreme notoriety.

  1. Shrinking Of Penis: Penis Shrinking

This is one of the famous myths that deter any man from using steroids. On top of that many celebrities have fanned the idea by saying that they have noticed a decrease in their penile size. However, no clinical tests have proved the fact. It is not penis which decreases in size, but steroid abuse can very well reduce the size of your testicles. The shrinking of the penis is probably the greatest myth which should be abandoned.

  1. Explosive Aggression:

Steroids will render you aggressive and crazy. This popular belief has been circling the people since ages. This is not true at all. Aggravated aggression is not an outcome of steroids intake. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, increase testosterone hormone which is responsible for making your mood more positive. It is oestrogen hormone which is scientifically linked with aggressive behaviour and rage.

A study done by Charles R. Drew University has reportedly proven that steroids do not cause any roid rage.

  1. Female Turning Into Male Like:

Steroids have always been associated with big, muscular men. However, women athletes also take steroid supplements for enhanced results. This does not mean that they will turn into some Hulk-like creatures. There are steroids specifically designed for women. There are some secondary side effects like the growth of hair, deepening of the voice, but they go away after a cycle is completed.

  1. All Steroids are Illegal:

Not all steroids are illegal in nature. Many legal steroids are successfully sold on the market. These are known as legal steroids and are concocted from natural ingredients. They are taken orally. They have the ability to naturally stimulate the body to produce testosterone hormone. The steroids do not artificially elevate the testosterone level of the body. However, they induce the body in a natural way to get the same result. These legal steroids are sold online, and shipment is made worldwide.

  1. Stoppage Of Growth:

Taking steroids at a young age leads to stunted growth. This is the popular myth propagated amongst the youngsters to prevent them from abusing steroids. Well, on the other hand, there is not a single scientific evidence that testifies the fact. There are no accurate records that have proven the closure of growth plates amongst the teenagers. Many celebrities have accepted the fact of taking steroids from an early age. Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of them. They still stand tall.

  1. Vulnerability to Prostate Cancer:

Prostate Cancer is not a result of the testosterone level in the body but more connected to genes and heredity. Again, a popular misconception amongst people, no scientific evidence proves that men taking anabolic steroids are more prone to having prostate cancer than those suffering from low testosterone level. The studies on rats should not be translated to human beings. It always leads to erroneous beliefs and askew ideas.

  1. Steroids lead to Addiction:

Well, a steroid is not as degrading as cocaine and DOES NOT lead to addiction. All the strict laws implementer may have lead to the people thinking that steroids lead to a bad habit of dependency. This is far from the truth. No scientific evidence proves an increased dependency on steroids after a prolonged intake. The impact is more of psychological in nature where some users think that it’s only steroids that can give them big muscles. However, if taken with clear insight and in proper cycles, steroids are like normal supplements.

  1. More Steroids means More Results:

Too much of anything is dangerous. This rule applies to steroids also. The myth that taking an increased amount of steroids leads to a faster result can be very detrimental to your health. It leads you to be more vulnerable to side effects. It is recommended to take the correct dose in a proper cycle for maximum benefits.

  1. Steroids Will Kill You:

There is no single fact which proves the death of a healthy individual by taking steroids. However, if a man suffering from heart disease has the audacity to misuse anadrole (increases blood pressure), then the act can be categorised as more of a foolhardy. If a person who has a long history of mental disorders and physical problems then it is likely for that person to suffer from using steroids. However, it is WRONG to proclaim that Steroids Kill person.

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