Why Some Bodybuilders Become Addicted to Steroids

Every time you hear about steroids, what are the first things that pop up in your mind? If we are right, which we are certain that we are, those would be bodybuilding, sports, muscle development, etc. Isn’t it? There is also a possibility that you might start thinking about types of steroids used for medical purposes.

But, one thing that most probably doesn’t come to your mind is steroid addiction, as a lot of people do not believe in it. But, trust us, it really is a thing, especially when we talk about anabolic steroids that are used for performance enhancement. These steroids are highly addictive and their usage is much more prevalent than your imagination.

As a matter of fact, a major chunk of the needles that are sent to needle exchange programs are linked to steroid usage. Unlike other mainstream addictive drugs, use of steroids is believed to be a choice by a lot of people.They do not understand that this is a serious addiction just like any other drug. For the same reason, the users of steroids are generally looked down upon.

What you need to understand is that steroid abuse should not be taken lightly because it has terrible and detrimental after-effects. Another thing to keep in mind is that steroids could be as much addictive as any other drug like cocaine or weed, even if you are using them for purposes other than bodybuilding.

Addicted to Steroids

Why Are Steroids Addictive?

Different people use steroids for different purposes. Some people believe them to be an excellent source for ridding your body of all the additional fats. But, the majority of the people who use steroids are generally bodybuilders or athletes who consume them for augmenting their performances and increasing their muscle mass.

Considering all the negative aspects of steroids, it is pretty obvious that they are banned from almost all the professional sports bodies. And we all have seen a lot of athletes getting permanently disqualified and losing their hard earned careers due to the consumption of steroids. A lot of games and leagues also face problems pertaining to steroid use among their players.

But, the question is, why do these people continue consuming these drugs even when they are well aware of the consequences? Why do they knowingly put their careers and names at risk?

The simple and straight answer is that because they are highly addicted to these drugs. This addiction might also be in the sense that they do not feel confident enough without using them. Or they could be addicted to the performance lift they get from their use. Either way, they initially start using them to get rid of their insecurities about their aptitudes, and it later turns into a dangerous addiction.

Rampant Use

There are so many instances in which the use of these drugs goes totally rampant. And most of the time, the users are fully aware that they are abusing this drug, but they still feel that they need to keep accelerating it. What they absolutely don’t think about is the abandonment or slowing down of steroid usage.

A major reason behind this behavior is that they start believing that they won’t be able to perform at the same level without using steroids. The continuous pressure of competing and staying on top adds fuel to the fire. This very pressure keeps encouraging them to indulge in steroid use for creating and maintaining their differential advantage, even though their use is not allowed.

No matter for what reasons people opt for using steroids in the first place, the matter of concern is that they are one of the major sources of addiction. And it doesn’t really matter how you got into this addiction because once you fall for it, it is going to force you to keep coming back to it.

For the same reason, withdrawal from steroids is as difficult as any other drug. The major symptoms you experience after abandoning their use include fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, weakness, vomiting, stomach pain and diarrhea.

Therefore, it is not advisable to cease the consumption of steroids all of a sudden because that’s going to be really difficult. The ideal way is to gradually decrease the use over time so that your body has enough time to heal and get back to its normal hormonal levels.

Should Professional Help Be Sought?

Even though a lot of people do not regard it as a serious issue, the fact remains that an addiction is an addiction and it messes with both your mind and body. So, it is very much appreciated to seek professional help to overcome this problem. Rehabilitation centers that help people with other forms of addictions can also help with steroid addiction.

Simply put, steroids from the top and recognized brands are good for you but only if you use them in balance.

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