Primobolan Steroid Side Effects That You Should Know

We all wish to have idealistic bodies, balanced with muscle mass at just the right places and everything toned down to perfection. This desire is only fueled by all these athletes and bodybuilders we see, proudly putting up a show of their six packs and muscles.

But, in the run to achieve perfection, many fall for the shortcuts or the easy way out to achieve that to-die-for image. One of such shortcuts, that really works is the Primobolan. The good news is that its one of the mild anabolic steroids with potentially fewer known side effects. But as a general rule, it’s always better to know what you are getting into before you get on the bandwagon.

Primobolan Side Effects

What is Primobolan?

In easy terms, Primobolan is one very strong and powerful anabolic steroid that works on the muscle mass. It’s one of the most popular, oral anabolic steroids, that helps you increase the muscle mass, fast!

If we go into the chemical makeup of the steroid, its mainly composed of the Methenolone – a derivative of the DHT or Dihydrotestosterone. The structure is altered with the inclusion of a double bond at the Carbon 1 and 2; this actually is the key that makes the compound a whole lot powerful and effective.

It also helps make the compound, a lot stronger, less toxic, and generally much safer for human use.

How Does it Work?

Bodybuilding Anabolic SteroidsThe function of Primobolan in the body can be better explained if we look at how it affects some of the systems and cellular count in the blood and body:

  • Primobolan helps boost the protein synthesis in the body.
  • Helps synthesize the lean tissue in the body
  • Improves the RBCs
  • Improves the immune system
  • Helps tone down the body by burning off excess fats.


Uses of Primobolan

  • Treatment: Helpful for the treatment of Muscle Wasting Disease, osteoporosis, Sarcopenia, and excessive weight loss amongst infants.
  • Cutting Steroid: Helps reduce excess fats and effectively burns off calories.
  • Builds Strength: The steroid boosts the endurance, power, and ability to do things at a faster pace.
  • Good for Females: The mild anabolic steroid works great when used by females. It’s safe and a lot more effective as compared to the other anabolics.

Primobolan Side Effects – Top 5

  1. Estrogenic Side Effects

We start off with some good news. There are NO – or in safer terms, very few and much mild – estrogenic side effects of the steroid. You see, the steroid does not increase the water retention or gynecomastia in the body. Hence, any rise in blood pressure is usually not attributable to the use of the steroid.

Hence, it’s not usually necessary to make use of any anti-estrogens alongside the steroid. However, it does at times boost the LDL levels – or the bad cholesterol. But that again can be controlled by making a few changes in your diet plan. For instance, you can include more omegas and keep a healthier lifestyle to combat the issue.

  1. Androgenic Side Effects of Primobolan

There are some known androgenic side effects of the steroid, however. But do keep in mind, everybody is different, so if one faces some effects, another may be totally fine with the supplement. Known androgenic effects include:

  • Hair loss
  • Increase in body hair
  • Acne
  • Virilization symptoms – Females

However, again the role of genetics and a number of other factors come into play with these effects. The steroid may boost the effects in general, but if the person is destined to be bald – thanks to the family inheritance – let’s not blame Primobolan shall we?

  1. Cardiovascular Side Effects

On the cardio side, the steroid may lead to an increase in the bad cholesterol and decrease in the HDL levels. So if you have ongoing cholesterol troubles, you must bring down the levels first and maintain them, before making the steroid part of your plan. Better yet, consult a doctor first and follow a high-omega diet and cut down the sugars and saturated fats.

  1. Effect on Testosterone

One effect you should be careful about is that the steroid often naturally suppresses the production of testosterone in men. Even though the effect is much mild as compared to the other anabolic steroids, it can be troubling if you are using stacks.

To counter the issue, it’s wise to make use of a testosterone supplement to make up for the low levels. Many users also go through a Post Cycle Therapy in order to completely recover and regain the loss.

  1. Hepatotoxic Nature

This oral anabolic steroid is potentially harmless and does not carry any concerning hepatotoxic effects.

There was, however, an incident of an old man who faced liver toxicity and passed away, but that was the only incident ever reported. Most individuals safely used the steroid without facing any troubles or changes in the enzymes of liver function.

However, we would recommend a Post Cycle Therapy for ensuring no long-term adverse effects of the steroid on the body. The PCT also helps the body recoup and restore its natural hormonal balance.


In general, if you start from a low dosage, keep it monitored and strictly as prescribed, the ball’s definitely in your court. Greed and shortcuts to achieve the maximum gains, often result in more harm than good.

Stick to the plan, ensure a good diet plan alongside and a healthier and happier lifestyle. All these factors will ensure that you achieve the most of your dreams and get into the desired shape, fast and safe.

As a general standard Primobolan dosage should be between 100 and 150 mg a day. But, you can also achieve good results staying within the 70-75mg per day bracket. However, as a starting steroid, you should go no higher than 25mg a day.

The best thing to do, though is to know your body, your tolerance level and in case of any of the first signs of the adverse effects, discontinue use or consult your medical practitioner. Early intervention will keep you safe and healthy and all the side-effects will wear off fast.

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