The Truth About HGH – Muscle Growth and Side Effects

HGH Muscle Growth

We all know that it is not easy to build your muscles naturally without HGH injections or pills. It requires a lot of effort and patience due to which people use HGH injections for quicker and better results. Especially teenagers don’t consider wasting so much time and effort in a gym to increase their muscles – they always choose an easier way but are they aware of the consequences?

All around the world, people have different opinions about human growth hormone. Some believe those human growth hormones are beneficial while others think that they are incredibly harmful. Some consider HGH injections and pills as an addiction – on the other hand, others can quit it at any point. The interesting fact is – both are right.

This is because HGH injections can be harmful and beneficial depending on the quality of pills you are using. If you are using a cheap quality product, it can have some unwanted side effects, but pills that are of high-quality and made of natural ingredients can work correctly.

Many people claim that HGH pills can change a human body entirely whereas others have never felt a difference. However, the truth is not always same to what the people believe.

What Are HGH?

HGHHuman growth hormone is a natural substance that occurs in our body and helps to increase muscle growth and strength. This can be used to grow our muscles, while others might need it to reduce their body fat. Yes, HGH’s are helpful to increase muscle growth, but people should also understand the side effects that are caused due to the excessive use of it. Human growth hormone injections do help to gain muscles, but as soon as a person stops using it, they get much fatter and weaker than before.

The Mechanism of Muscle Growth

Human growth hormone centre in the center of our brain. When a person is young, HGH is responsible for increasing our bone density and it helps us to get taller and stronger. Human growth hormone helps to shape our physical appearance and strengthens our mental health as well.


Everything has their pros and cons. Long time back human growth hormone pills were invented for medical treatment. This makes it very clear that HGH is not something bad. It depends on how the person is using it. People should make sure that they take the required amount of the supplements instead of using them excessively.

Dreadful Side Effects

Regardless of the dreams, you might have after having HGH; the reality is that life has nightmares, as well. The hormone can cause significant changes to the organs in your body.

The most common problem that HGH brings along is bone pains. This pain is caused by a condition called Acromegaly, which means larger bone structures. The high level of HGH makes the bones grow more than they can or should. This causes pain in the bones; most commonly reported on the shin.

The same effect is on the soft organs of the body. There is generalised visceromegaly, which means all the organs grow in size causing a long list of health problems. Moreover, excessive growth hormone level in the blood will eventually lead to hyperglycemia, i.e., diabetes or hypoglycemia, i.e., low blood sugar level. This is because HGH is known to either alter the insulin level in the blood or develops merely resistance to insulin.

More Problems Among Youngsters

Nowadays, the access to HGH has become so easy through online stores. Youngsters are unaware of the quality that they take in for that perfect body. They believe that they can build a better body through over-consumption of HGH.

However, HGH is extremely harmful to especially young people. Their bodies are not fully developed, due to which HGH can cause an adverse effect on their growth. There might be a chance that some parts of their body, like the length of bones, would never grow, which would leave their bodies underdeveloped. Additionally, young people go through much more severe aggression and psychological issues.


People should also make it very clear that pills, injections, and powders are not the only way of building their muscles. If people work hard and focus on their diet, they can make their physique look naturally amazing. Human growth hormone injections are helpful to grow muscles, but the health problems are greater than the few benefits.

People may consider HGH injections as the best and easiest way for building their body, but as soon as they become addicted, the health problems would start draining their body. They would crave for pills and it would be harder to avoid the health issues. All their efforts would be useless.

A person should instead try to work hard and make an effort to become stronger and healthier. In this way, they would succeed in building their muscles permanently, making their physique outshine.

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